SoleProvider is a decentralized SMS service for the disabled, poor, and homeless to obtain the goods and services they need.

How it works

There are two types of users for SoleProvider: requesters and providers. Providers, such as individuals, homeless shelters, or businesses, send messages through SoleProvider indicating the goods or services they can provide. Then, those in need (i.e. requesters) send messages through SoleProvider indicating their location and specific request. SoleProvider will then work in the backend to match requesters with suitable providers. If there is a match, the exchange of goods or services will take place at a central location relative to the requester and provider.

Example usage

A homeless individual can use his/her Obama phone (i.e. federally-issued free phones that are obtainable by low-income US citizens) to message SoleProvider that he/she needs size 8 shoes. SoleProvider will then find a suitable provider nearby and, if matched, the exchange of shoes can take place at a public area, such as a park, to ensure safety during the exchange.

Join the cause

Ultimately, SoleProvider strives to be a more efficient, safe, and reliable method to exchange goods and services between those in need and those more fortunate. Municipalities, such as Philadelphia, can also leverage SoleProvider's data to see where needs are not being met location-wise, and, thereby, derive insights for policy in areas such as transportation and affordable housing. If you would like to collaborate with SoleProvider or simply learn more about its capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact those behind the app.

Contact information

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